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  • You can export and duplicate databases directly from the web interface (Top Right Menu -> My Databases).



Vendor Bills

  • You can upload attachments (PDF or picture) to an Odoo vendor bill. There is an attachment icon next to the "Send message" section button.
  • When you create manually a vendor bill, you need to enter invoice lines. Don't forget to remove the VAT if it's not applicable.


  • It seems the Payroll module does not have built-in rules for countries. For instance, you must enter manually the rules that will compute your social contributions.
  • Rules should be either of category "Company contribution" (if the employer pays this contribution) or "Deduction" (if it's paid by the employee, out of the gross salary).
  • You must first create a work contract for an employee.
  • Clicking on the "Compute Sheet" button will create automatically the salary computations (such as social compensations, etc).
  • To create the entries in the accounting journals, you should click on the "Create Draft Entry" button on the Payslip.

Switzerland Chart of Accounts

  • 1024 is the bank account.
  • 2270 holds the debt of the company to the social insurance institutions.
  • 2800 is for the share capital.
  • 2850 (Private share account) is used to hold debts of the company to the shareholder.
  • 5700, 5710, 5720, 5730, 5740 are used for various social benefits (health insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance etc).
  • 6000 for rental expenses.
  • 6510 for legal fees (registration of company, etc).
  • 6520 for fiduciary fees.
  • 6700 for general operating expenses.
  • 6900 for financial expenses like bank fees.