Manufacturers Feedback

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Positive Feedback

  • ASUS for motherboards: never had a problem.

General Feedback

  • Corsair Power Supply (VS550 550W) fan started making awful noise and had to be replaced after about 3 years.

Bad experiences, but can still be purchased


  • An USB key stopped working (losing everything stored on it).


  • An USB key stopped working (after less than one year of use).

Never buy again from those

Here is a list of manufacturers I will never buy again due to various reasons. Boycott them! :)


  • Their NAS / Media Players are way too unstable and are a pain to use in the end. Next buy should be an Asustor.

Dane Elec

  • Bought two SD cards from them, both were entirely unreadable after a while. I lost all my camera photos on them, twice!


  • Lousy computer speakers. Only one works out of three.


  • This manufacturer builds gaming mouses. They are extremely expensive, however my first Copperhead mouse stopped working after only two years (a button was destroyed) and my current Lachesis mouse (80 $) "jumps" all the time. This is entirely unacceptable, my next buy will be a Logitech I guess.
  • Also, their support totally sucks and they don't have any Linux drivers.


  • Poor quality CPU fan (noisy).


  • Poor vacuum cleaner.