Linksys WRT54G Router

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This model by Linksys is special, in the sense that you can install Linux on it via a firmware upgrade.


  • This firmware, based on OpenWRT, has a nice web GUI. Simple and powerful.
  • Multiple versions are provided, with different features per version.


  • If upgrading from the original firmware, be sure to select the micro_generic.bin version. Use Opera to upload the firmware to the router; it was said on the Wiki that Firefox had problems. I tried with IE 7 under Windows XP (under VirtualBox) and it failed.
  • The default username is root, and the default address for the Web GUI is at


  • To serve a static DNS server to DHCP clients, enter a static DNS address *and* be sure that the "Enable dnsmasq for DHCP" checkbox is unchecked.

Original OS

The original OS installed on the router is a real piece of crap. Here are however some hints to better cope with it:

  • If the router seems crashed (due to a power failure), you can try to reactivate it by renewing the DHCP lease in the Status tab.