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  • There is unfortunately no Gentoo ebuild. Be sure you download the Debian version from the Insync official site (the Fedora one does not work). Just untar the package and copy all contents to /usr.


  • Be very careful with a Google shared drive! Insync can be quite destructive, in particular I had some real trouble while trying to unsync a shared drive. I would say the safest way if you encounter trouble is removing the whole shared directories along with the Insync settings (they are in the ~/.config folder), and restart from scratch.
  • The best is to make sure you have the base directory for Google Shared Drives set correctly. Then you just choose Sync to Base Folder, it will add it to the chosen directory. Do not do anything else and do not attempt to move the location of the shared drive! The base directory for your own Google Drive should be set correctly as well.