Handling various CD formats

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The main application needed is app-cdr/cdrdao.

Identifying the CD format

  • Use the following command:
cdrdao disk-info

It will tell you if the CD contains audio tracks, and several sessions.

Copying a simple CD or a multi-session CD

  • The easiest method is to use K3b and create an .iso image.
  • Note that K3B can also create images of multi-session CDs. Just copy the drive as usual, it will create one image per session.

Copying a mixed-mode disk (data track with multiple audio tracks)

cdrdao read-cd --read-raw --datafile IMAGE.bin --device /dev/cdrom IMAGE.toc
  • Note that the name (IMAGE) you give to the .bin and .toc files is very important, as in the .toc file all the tracks will be written with this name.