Guide to buying a Diamond for your Fiancee

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If you are looking to buy a diamond for your sweetheart, I think it is worth taking some time to learn about diamonds. Diamonds prices and beauty depend on a lot of factors, so it is advisable to at least know these factors before going out to buy the diamond in a store.

Moreover, many stores don't tell you much about diamonds quality. They sure tell you a little, but not the whole story, and even more, maybe not the most important things.

The Ultimate Diamond Information Site: Good Old Gold

This is why I strongly encourage you to visit the Good Old Gold site. I read most parts of this site when I was myself looking for a diamond, and learnt really a lot (I started as a total newbie knowing absolutely nothing). There is so much information on this site that you probably won't have time to read everything, but this will give you the basics, at least.

I actually ended up buying my diamond here via the Internet. I strongly recommand their store as well. Prices seem to be very good (they are a NY based store, and NY is the world capital for diamonds), and they are honest and totally professional. Of course, you may be worried that you don't actually see the stone that you will buy. But they do everything that you ask (they send photos, analyses and so on), and reply to all your questions. So in my opinion, they truely deserved my buy.

Their guy named Jonathan (I think he's the one that wrote all that information about diamonds) in particular is so nice.

After all their help, I promised them I would post a link on my web site to their site. This is done at last!!