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Interactive Brokers

  • To get the total value of your equities, go to Portfolio -> Balances -> Securities Gross Position Value Cash. This line is updated in real time.

Crypto Balances

  • On the BSC chain, BSCScan allows you to check your balance (in BNB or another BEP-20 token) at a given date, which can sometimes be useful.

Estimation of Ainulindale contribution to assets (monthly finance analysis)

  • A good estimate is to add the 2850 and 2851 account balances (they can be negative of course, if we owe Ainulindale money), the 2260 salary balance, and the sum of the current profit (of current fiscal year) and the 999999 undistributed profits/losses from previous years, multiplied by 0.83 (-17% to take into account tax on profits). All of this should be done using the CHF (core currency value), and be reported as a CHF amount of course. This has to be done once the monthly actions have been correctly carried out (bank statements, reconciliation, salaries etc).
  • If the dividend distribution has already been entered, along with the profit tax provision, just add 2260, 2850, 2851 and the profit of current fiscal year to get the result. 999999 should no longer be used.