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Moving to a new place

  • Keep in a separate bag all your tools. They will be needed at your new place, so you have to keep them at hand!
  • It's good also to create a separate bag of essential stuff (like mobile phone power plugs, etc...)
  • Completely take down all your furnitures. It may be tempting to only partly dismantle furniture, but it will cause a lot of problems (takes too much space), and they will get damaged during the travel.

How to unclog a toilet

  • Don't panic, and don't call a plumber, there are lots of options available.
    • First don't flush, it won't do any good (it is even recommanded to turn off the water input while repairing).
    • The most simple way is to wear a glove, get a iron wire and try to push or pull the clog.
    • You can also try a powerful dissolvant (purple Destop).
    • Other ways: a special tool called plunger ("furet" in french) or a suction cup.